Arena Stone

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When looking for tile, make sure you know what makes a tile great... the finest ingredients like porcelain, stone & glass and a broad palette of colors and interesting textures. The beautiful tiles in the Tesoro™ Collection (by IWT) meet these qualifications and more! 

Every Tesoro™ tile carries with it an artistic heritage that simply cannot be duplicated. Artisans around the world have passed down the skills of unmatched craftsmanship throughout the generations, and only Tesoro tile integrates these fine skills into every tile we offer. 

Tesoro porcelain & ceramic tiles are manufactured using all natural materials. These "green" environmentally friendly tiles are inert and release no VOC emissions. They are very long lasting (life-cycle analysis) and require very little maintenance. In addition, our porcelain & ceramic tiles do not retain odors, allergens or bacteria. Tesoro'scoordinating tile borders, trims and accents are also fashioned with the same care and consideration as the full-size tile.

HI-DEFINITION DIGITAL INKJET TECHNOLOGY (HDIT) printing has bridged the gap between texture and glaze design. With HDIT, the texture from the punch can be colored-in-register, thoroughly and with great precision- enabling the creation of complex glaze patterns on top of textured surfaces. Digital printing is done without direct contact with the surface of the tile. Therefore, glazes can be sprayed to saturate the entire tile surface. Digital printing is so precise that it can also be used to enhance the dimensionality conveyed by the punch, by using shading and color shifts to accentuate the depth of the relief or to highlight contours. Our hi-definition technology offers great variety and less repetition in the overall pattern- creating a porcelain tile that is virtually indistinguishable from natural stone!

Tesoro's ARENA STONE Collection offers 3 colors & numerous sizes/formats from which to choose.


AVAILABLE FORMATS: 16x32,  12x24,  2x2 Mosaic (12x12 Sheet),  3x24 Bullnose
BEST USE: Residential & Commercial
APPLICATION : Floor & Backsplash
VISUAL: Polished Marble
TYPE: H.D.I.T. Porcelain
SURFACE TYPE: Fully Polished
SHADE VARIATION: Moderate/High (V3)
PEI Rating : 4


Manufacturer does not recommend installing large format rectangular tile using a 50% staggered brick/running bond grout joint pattern. Joint locations can be random and should be positioned to be no less than 30% the length of the adjacent tile. Alternating joints so they are <30%, a straight-lay or herring bone patterns are acceptable and with grout joint sizes of 1/4” to 3/16” but no less than 1/8”.

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