Here at Quality Flooring we like to make things simple.

The first morning of install, your installation team will need to pick up your materials from the warehouse. The installation team will show up between 9am and 10am the first morning unless other arrangements are made. After that, your lead installer will discuss what time they will be starting (some people want us to start earlier or later than others).We do ask that you are onsite the first morning to ok material and to answer any installer questions.

Customer Responsibilities

Tile or Wood floor demolition

The Quality Flooring team will do everything in their power to keep your home clean and dust free, but please understand tile or wood demolition is not an easy or clean process. 
Quality Flooring recommends that the workspace be free of furniture, wall hangings and valuables.  If you do not have the means, manpower or the room to move these items please let us know and we will refer a company.

Again Quality Flooring will do everything possible to keep your home clean but there will be some residual dust from demo.  Quality Flooring can refer a cleaning company to follow up on the work.

 Empty / Occupied

 At Quality Flooring we sell our installations on two different basis: "Empty or Occupied."

"Empty" means the workspace is ready to work, it is either new construction with no furniture or the customer has made arrangements to have all furniture removed from the workspace.

"Occupied" means that the Quality Flooring team will move your furniture. In this case, there are still some customer responsibilities:

Please be prepared by removing bedding, clearing closet floors, clearing floors of small items, and clearing tables of knickknacks and breakables.  The Quality Flooring team cannot move electronics, pool tables, fish tanks, or craftmatic adjustable beds.

Thank you for your attention to these details.

If you have any questions or concerns please call your sales person direct or call the office.


Upon completion, you should be there to walk the job with your lead installer. If there are any issues during this time, please let your lead installer know.

After the walk-through, you will be asked to sign-off on the completion and satisfaction of your job. (This does not mean that we won't acknowledge if there are any problems in the future).

The balance is due at this time.  The installer will have an Invoice with him and will be collecting the balance. If you plan to pay with a credit card, we do ask that you come in the store prior to completion.

Thank you again for your attention to these details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call your sales person direct or call the office.

Remember- anyone can sell you a floor. You've chosen Quality Flooring because you want quality, value and superior service

Thank you from all of us at Quality Flooring