Kendall Exotics Collection

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At LM Flooring, we combine premium hardwoods, innovative manufacturing and experienced craftsmen in order to fulfill our single passion- creating the most beautiful hardwood flooring in the world for you and your home. Our flooring is designed, engineered and crafted for real people, with real expectations. As a leader in the Green Movement, we produce more flooring from rapidly renewable and recycled material sources than any other hardwood flooring manufacturer. With our advanced technologies, we achieve the highest precision in wood milling and fine Italian finishing. Kendall Exotic planks are unique and beautiful, and they bring a rich and warm feeling to any décor. The variety of species brings the aesthetics and ambiance from the worlds most striking forests. Finely crafted, Kendall Exotics offers you a diverse array of color and style, allowing the personal expression your room desires. Transform your home into a fashion statement that will add richness and character to any room for years to come. Available in 12 colors in varying widths: Carbonized-Horizontal (3" & 5" Bamboo); Carbonized-Vertical (3" & 5" Bamboo); Emerald (3" & 5" Brushed Bamboo); Natural-1 (5" Cumaru); Natural-2 (5" Sapelli); Natural-3 (5" Sucupira Preta); Natural-4 (3" Santos Mahogany); Natural-5 (3" & 5" Acacia); Natural-6 (3" & 5" Tigerwood); Natural-7 (3" & 5" Brazilian Cherry); Natural-8 Horizontal (3" & 5" Bamboo); and Natural-9 Vertical (3" & 5" Bamboo).

Kendall Exotics Collection

    • 25 Year Residential
    • 5 Year Light Commercial
    • Thickness: 1/2"
    • Multi-Ply Construction
    • 4-Sided Bevel
    • Aluminum Oxide Finish
    • Smooth
    • Float
    • Glue
    • Nail
    • Staple
    • Above Ground
    • Basement
    • Ground Level
    • 3"
    • 5"
    • 48" RL

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