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TFC Purge is a specially formulated liquid paste designed to purge dirt and spots from polished porcelain floors. Purge has the ability to release stubborn dirt such as rubber mallet marks, pencil marks and scuff marks from the minute capillaries in polished porcelain. Purge must be used to spot clean before the general clean that is necessary as preparation for sealing. Purge may also be used to remove tough wax coatings that are applied to some polished porcelain during manufacture. Purge is safe and easy to use.


Test in an inconspicuous area before continuing the application.

  1. Take care to read all instructions and tips before the application so that you can plan the application correctly.
  2. Mask off any adjacent surfaces that need protection during the application.
  3. Shake well before use.
  4. Pour a generous amount of Purge over the area that needs to be cleaned.
  5. Allow time (approximately 3 - 5 minutes) in order to for the cleaner to attack dirt. Scrub as necessary in order to remove the dirt but not to damage the tile.
  6. Rinse with fresh clean water and inspect to see if the dirt is removed. Repeat if necessary.
  7. It is recommended that the entire floor be cleaned with Total Floor Care Easy Clean after using Total Floor Care Purge.
  8. It is advised that Polished Porcelain tiles be sealed with Total Floor Care Invisible Sealer as per the instructions on the label after cleaning.


Hacer una prueba en un lugar poco visible para verificar la idoneidad del producto antes de comenzar la aplicación.

  1. Leer todas las instrucciones y consejos antes de su aplicación para que pueda planear la aplicación.
  2. Cubrir con cinta las superficies contiguas necesiten ser protegidas durante la aplicación.
  3. Agitar bien antes de usar
  4. Verter una cantidad generosa de Purge sobre el área que necesita ser limpiada.
  5. Permitir tiempo (aproximadamente de 3 a 5 minutos) para que el limpiador ataque la suciedad. Restregar conforme sea necesario para remover la suciedad sin dañar la loseta.
  6. Enjuague con agua limpia y fresca e inspeccione para ver si la suciedad ha sido removida. Repetir si es necesario.
  7. Se recomienda que el piso entero sea limpiado con Total Floor Care Easy Clean después de usar Total Floor Care Purge.
  8. Se recomienda que las losetas de porcelana pulida sean selladas con Total Floor Care Invisible Sealer de acuerdo con las instrucciones en la etiqueta después de limpiar.

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