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Established in 1959, the Kraus Group is one of the largest integrated residential and commercial flooring manufacturers and distributors in North America with facilities throughout Canada, USA and Australia. With its many styles, textures and types of construction, carpet is the right choice for everyone- from first-time homeowners, to retirees, to families with kids and pets. Plus, carpet will maintain its beauty and durability for many years when it is properly chosen, installed and cleaned. Carpet can be wrongly blamed for contributing to asthma and allergies and for emitting high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Studies have shown that carpet is better at trapping allergens than hard surface, such as tile or hardwood, because carpet fibers catch particles and allergens that fall to floor. When allergens are trapped in the carpet, they cannot circulate in the air for you to breathe. Proper cleaning with a vacuum effectively sucks up the dirt and dust from the carpet, locks it in the machine and keeps it out of the air. You can trust Kraus to provide you with stylish and classic flooring solutions that will meet all of your needs, priced fairly and brought to you with exceptional customer service. At Kraus, we care about your floor.

The natural characteristics of geometric or linear patterns in carpet tile can result in double-dark or double-light lines at the seam and to some degree a pattern run-off or bias. This is not a manufacturing defect. These characteristics should always be taken into consideration when choosing the installation method of a modular carpet.



Our carpet is guaranteed to withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Built to perform, Kraus carpet offers strength from face fiber to secondary backing.


Kraus carpet tiles are manufactured to provide dimensional stability and will not delaminate from face fiber or edge ravel. Our Backing Performance warranty guarantees that the backing on this product will not shrink, grow, cup or dome, which ensures easy installation and product longevity.


Carpet tile has great flexibility in design by mixing colors and patterns you can create your own unique look. Tile is easy to handle and can be installed in stages minimizing renovation downtime. Maintenance or repairs are simple, if a spill occurs the affected tile can be removed and cleaned or simply replaced if damaged, rather than replacing the entire floor. While select styles are offered in both modular and broadloom formats, they are not an exact match since the equipment used in the manufacturing of both patterns are entirely different.


19.7” x 19.7” (50 cm x 50 cm)


• 20 tiles /carton-  5.98 y2 /carton
• 53 lbs /carton
• 28 cartons /pallet


Recommended Adhesive- Kraus | Premium Adhesive™ KPA-301


Quarter-Turn, Brick, Ashlar and Monolithic


• Commercial Wear
• Backing Performance

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING WARRANTY: To ensure that the installation meets the manufacturers requirements please note that Kraus Premium Adhesive is the recommended and required adhesive for this product. Failure to use this adhesive may void any warranty related claims.


• Fiber system- 100% BCF Solution dyed nylon
• Construction- Multi-level scroll loop
• Backing system- FiberCore™ Modular
• Pile Weight- 18 oz./y2 (610 g/m²)
• Pile Height- 0.10” / 0.16” (2.5 mm / 4 mm)
• Gauge- 1/12, 47.2 rows (10 cm)
• Stitches- 9.7 s.p.i., 38.2 stitches (10 cm)
• Density- 6400


• CRI/CCI air quality test- Green Label Plus- GLP2116
• Environmental awareness- Eligible for any recycling program


• Static generation- 3.0 kV or less (AATCC 134)
• Flammability- Radiant Panel ASTM E648- Class I (direct glue)
• Methenamine Pill– DOC FF 1-70- passes
• Colorfastness to light- 5.0 (AATCC 16)

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