The Chateau Collection

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DuCHÂTEAU® hardwood flooring reflects passion, art in design, and an appreciation for nature. Designed to reflect the styles found in Europe from centuries ago, DuChateau wood floors are antique-styled hard-wax oil floors developed in Holland. With natural changing grain patterns and hand-crafted textures, our hardwood flooring creates a time-worn look that showcases the character and longevity of a true vintage hardwood floor. Combining old world craftsmanship with luxurious modern design, their wood floors' timeless character complements nearly every atmosphere- whether in your own home or in a commercial setting. DuChâteau had a goal to eliminate the traditional waste associated with solid wood floor production of slow growth species while still showcasing their incredible beauty. They achieved their goal by using a mixture of woods to create an advanced flooring option – the ENGINEERED FLOOR. Unlike a solid wood floor, an engineered (multi-ply) floor consists of at least two types of different wood products adhered together. This means that the top layer (what you see when installed) can be a highly desired species of wood, like oak, while the bottom substrate layer (what you don’t see when installed) can be those fast-growing tree species. This manufacturing process allows DuChateau to produce high quality floors with the same robust & luxurious feeling of solid wood flooring within the thickness of that top layer while still sustainably harvesting trees. When installed properly, an engineered floor is virtually indistinguishable from a solid floor! 

DuChateau® was one of the first to bring hard-wax oil to the U.S. market. 


  • Offer excellent durability & renewability while allowing the wood to breathe.
  • The unique lustrous finish maximizes the wood’s natural character & beauty- and gains a rich patina & refinement as it ages. 
  • Traditional floor finish used in Europe for centuries- will last for generation after generation.
  • Hard-wax oil integrates with the wood (unlike a polyurethane finish). It penetrates into wood fibers and protects from within.
  • Environmentally friendly natural ingredients- ultra-low VOC finish that is non-toxic with no biocides, no preservatives, and is benzene-free.
  • Hard-wax oil is extremely water repellent and is stain-resistant against water, wine, soda, and coffee.
  • Minimal maintenance—even in high-traffic commercial environments including airports, hotels and restaurants. Spots and scratches can be minimized and often eliminated with buffing and a small application of our maintenance oil.


"THE CHATEAU COLLECTION" is comprised of 7 HARDWOOD FLOORS that create an exceptional time worn look- showcasing the character & longevity of a hardwood floor. This Collection features our aged character grade wood, which highlights the wood’s natural free-forming grain patterns, knots and cracks reminiscent of an old world floor. All floors in this collection are Certified 100% Pure and are manufactured with formaldehyde-free adhesive.

The 7 FLOORS in this COLLECTION include:  While Oiled; Antique White; Natural; Olde Dutch; Windsor; St. Moritz and Kasteel. 


    • Thickness: 5/8” (15 mm)
    • Top Layer: 1/6” (4 mm)...   Note: nominal top layer thickness measured prior to finishing processes. Finishing processes such as wire brushing or hand scraping will affect the overall thickness. 
    • Width: 7-7/16” (189 mm),  10-1/4″ (260 mm)**,  12″ (305 mm)**... Note: the 10-1/4" & 12" widths are available as specialty items and are crafted per order.
    • Length: 72” (1830 mm)
    • Construction: 3-Ply

SPECIES:  EUROPEAN OAK-  See Product Specifications # 1 below for more details.

White Oak;  Antique White;  Natural;  Olde Dutch;  Windsor;  & St. Moritz

SPECIES:  WALNUT-  See Product Specifications # 2 below for more details.





Botanical Name Quercus SPP
Origin Eastern Europe/Russia
Construction Engineered
Grade Aged Character
Finish Hard-Wax Oil
Surface Treatment Smooth with Chiseled Bevel (White Oak, Antique White, Natural, Olde Dutch, Windsor)
Surface Treatment Wire-Brush with Chiseled Bevel (St. Moritz)
Janka Rating 1360
Installation Methods Glue-Down, Nail-Down, Staple or Floating
Radiant Heating Yes
Wood Description Straight, long grain in trees cut from large stands. The wood’s texture is coarse and characterized by open pores. Wood harvested from the northeastern areas of the species’ distribution zone tends to be denser and tougher while wood from the central regions tends to be straighter and more uniform.
Warranty Lifetime Structural, 25-Year Residential Finish, 3-Year Commercial Finish




Botanical Name Juglans SPP
Origin Euro-Asia
Construction Engineered
Grade Aged Character
Finish Hard-Wax Oil
Surface Treatment Wire-Brush with Chiseled Bevel (Kasteel)
Janka Rating 1010
Installation Methods Glue-Down, Nail-Down, Staple or Floating
Radiant Heating Yes
Wood Description Walnut is rich chocolate in color, with a dull sheen. The sapwood is creamy white. Walnut is normally straight grained and is noted for its beautiful grain character, producing more figure variation than any other wood. Over the years, the wood develops a lustrous patina.
Warranty Lifetime Structural, 25-Year Residential Finish, 3-Year Commercial Finish

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